Medisca announces new CEO.

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Specialized Consultations

Specialized Consultations

The one-on-one support for your big projects – gap analysis and remediation, facility design, clinical inquiries, business operational support and more

From gap analysis and remediation; to facility design in non-sterile, sterile, non-hazardous, and hazardous compounding; to speaking with a pharmacist or physician for your clinical inquiries, to operational and business development support, to niche formulas among much more – our specialized consultations are designed to give you that one-on-one support for your big projects.

Averaging 20+ years of compounding experience, our consultants know the ins and outs of the industry – from designing facilities to owning and operating independent non-sterile and sterile compounding pharmacies, serving as directors of hospital pharmacies, or acting as chief medical officers for personalized medicine practices, to PCAB And JCAHO surveyors, and professors of pharmacy – their credentials and expertise are unparalleled.

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