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Applying the art and science of formulation chemistry, Medisca formulas offer consistent, reproducible, and compliant guidance on the preparation of personalized medications.

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Online and easily searchable, our library of 10,000+ formulas provides a convenient and complete experience for healthcare providers and allied professionals looking for guidance and solutions on the preparation for customized medications.

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Subscription plans that bundle access to a library of 10,000+ compounding formulas, day-to-day compounding support minutes and customized formula development, with 3 packages to suit your needs year-round.

How our formulas are made

1. Request

Requesting a formula

The first thing we must do when developing a formula is understand the request. Is it coming from a healthcare provider looking to meet a patient’s specific needs? A government agency looking to support product unavailability? Or will it be used for research and development? Once we know the why, we can get started on the how.

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Navigate the complexities of compounding with ease through our curated tips. From mastering weighing techniques to achieving uniform powder blends, our insights aim to refine your practice and enhance outcomes.

Putting formulas to practice

Explore LP3 Network Laboratory Training opportunities to enhance your skills. These courses facilitate the effective transition from formula development to real-world application, elevating both your business operations and patient care standards.

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