NovaFilm™ Gel Base

NovaFilm™ Gel Base

NovaFilm™ is an innovative concentrated gel base with superior mucoadhesive properties that is compatible with a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients and suitable for both human and veterinary patients. It contains all-natural polymers to form a film on mucosal surfaces offering a novel way to deliver medication. NovaFilm was shown to be an effective mucosal drug delivery vehicle through a successful clinical outcome.

A Concentrated Mucoadhesive Gel Base. The First of its Kind.

  • Proven superior mucoadhesive properties facilitating improved bioavailability and reduced dosing frequency
  • Clinical effectiveness shown in a physician-directed case study
  • Concentrated formulation providing increased versatility to easily compound multiple dosage forms
  • Clinically tested and pharmacist recommended
Leveraging a cutting-edge molding process, Medisca has expanded the capacity of NovaFilm Gel Base from versatile mucosal gel to the oral transmucosal film – a two-in-one product for your convenience. Patent Pending. Learn more about NovaFilm™ Oral Transmucosal Films Kit

Research & Development.

We thought a lot about what goes into our bases, so you wouldn't have to.

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Intended Use Highly versatile mucosal delivery vehicle which exhibits superior mucoadhesive property and high carrying capacity
Scientific Data – All-natural polymers
– Suitable for diabetics due to the low glycemic index of its sweetener
– Does not promote the formation of dental cavities
– Increased contact time between API andtargeted mucosal surfaces
– Easily adjust viscosity by diluting with water
– Compatible with other MEDISCA bases
Description Off-white to pale amber highly viscous gel with characteristic natural odor and neutral taste
Studies – In Vitro mucoadhesion and rheology studies
– In Vivo clinical case study for urogenital atropy
– In Vivo vaginal irritation study
API Compatibility For lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs such as analgesics and hormones
Tolerance to API Base and Salt Forms Excellent
Heat Sensitivity Stable at Room Temperature and 45°C (113°F)
Preservative Effectiveness Passes USP challenge test <51>
Sterilization Autoclave compatible

Testimonials. They said it!

"NovaFilm™ is an easy-to-use mucoadhesive base that allows compounders to better service our patients using a variety of preparations. NovaFilm™ can be used as-is for compounded gels with no need to thicken the base or it can be easily diluted with water to compound anything from a magic mouthwash to nasal sprays. I’ve also enjoyed using it in combination with VersaPro™ Cream Base for vaginal preparations. The versatility it allows is unmatched in the industry!"

- Miranda Tawfik R.Ph., ABAAHP (Compounding Pharmacist)

"NovaFilm™ (mucoadhesive base) for vaginal administration of estriol had an appreciable impact on vaginal restoration as rated using a comparative vaginal health index (VHI) as well as patient reporting. I will continue using this base as part of my hormone protocols."

- Dr. Kristy Prouse, Gynecologist (OBGYN)