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Convectors Autoclave Pouch, 7.5"× 13"

Convectors Autoclave Pouch, 7.5"× 13"

Peel-open pouches are designed for quick, easy presentation of sterile items. Can be used in steam or EO sterilization. Chemical process indicators on every pouch identify the sterilization process used. Items within the pouch are easily viewed through the blue-tinted 2mil-thick film side. The other side is made of tough, moisture-resistant, surgical-grade paper, which provides high porosity for fast sterilization while maintaining an effective bacterial barrier. Heat-seal pouches can be heat-sealed or taped shut. Self-seal pouches feature a pressure-sensitive closure that is pre-folded to help ensure the integrity of the seal. Please see product spec sheet for proper operating settings (temperature and pressure).
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