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Order Compounding Dandruff Products from MEDISCA
Order Compounding Dandruff Products from MEDISCA
Order Compounding Dandruff Products from MEDISCA

ADA Shampoo

Product No. 3031

Dandruff can induce redness, itchiness, dryness and sensitivity. ADA™ Shampoo is a concentrated shampoo base , developed for compounding anti-dandruff solutions with various active agents. When dispensed, it provides an elegant and rich foam which helps the scalp remain moisturized and well-balanced at the same time that the prescribed active ingredient goes to work on the problem.

Formulated with Cosmetic Active Ingredients

  1. Beracare™ ADA System9 & 10


    9. Study Report - Anti-Dandruff Active System (ADA): Sensory analysis and assessment of clinical effectiveness in reducing the intensity of dandruff. Beraca Technical Brochure, 2015

    10. Kannamkumarath SS, Wrobel K, Wuilloud RG. Studying the distribution pattern of selenium in nut proteins with information obtained from SEC-UV-ICP-MS and CE-ICP-MS.. Talanta 2005; 66(2005): 153-159

    is sourced from the rain forest, 100% natural, developed to improve the health of hair and scalp prone to flaking.
  2. Contains a natural antimicrobial ingredient.
  3. Available in two convenient sizes: 500 g and 1 Kg (50 g sample size)

Dispensing Solution

Airless dispensing options, now available for hair care. New to the UV-resistant MD™ Dispensers line is Actuator S, which when paired with the MD pump bottle of your choice, provides a sleek and innovative way to dispense and protect shampoo formulations. Suggested: MD Pumps with Actuator S (Product No. 6688)

Scientific References

Dandruff is a natural process caused by the turnover and renewal of skin on the scalp. It becomes a problem when dry white flakes become visible on the scalp.

BERACARE™ ADA System is 100% natural, developed to improve the health of hair prone to dandruff and sebum. Sourced from the rain forest, its pure elements have anti-seborrheic, anti-inflammatory and natural germicidal properties.

After 8 applications of product containing 1.5% BERACARE ADA System we can see a decrease in flakes on the scalp.

Placebo Baseline

Placebo Baseline

Placebo Baseline

Active Group Baseline

Placebo After 8 Applications

Placebo After 8 Applications

reduction of the intensity of dandruff compared to initial state.

Placebo Baseline

Active Group After 8 Applications

of volunteers saw the effectiveness of the treatment of the product and reduction of the symptoms related to dandruff.

BERACARE ADA System helps treat scalp and hair prone to sebum production, by removing dead skin cells. There are no apparent signs of irritation or redness on the scalp.

Case Studies

In order to determine the efficacy of ADA™ Shampoo, case studies were conducted on volunteers suffering from dandruff. For this study, participants were asked to avoid the use of any other hair care treatments for dandruff (including but not limited to capsules, tablets, lotions, shampoos, and foams) for 48 hours before the first application, and throughout the entire study period.


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ADA Shampoo

F 006 818v2 Fluconazole 2% Topical Shampoo (Suspension, 100 mL)
F 007 512v2 Ketoconazole 2% Topical Shampoo (Suspension, 200 mL)




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