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Collasil® Osa

Product No. 3047

COLLASIL® OSA is a patented, highly bioavailable source of soluble silicium that demonstrates outstanding benefits to skin (wrinkles and anti-aging), hair, nails and joints. In a study conducted among US consumers, 68 % were taking nutraceuticals1 while 83 % of volunteers in the clinical study felt an overall improvement in hair quality with daily intake of COLLASIL® OSA.2

Features & Benefits

COLLASIL® OSA is a high quality nutritional answer to a healthier lifestyle.

  • APPEARANCE:White hygroscopic powder with crimson shades.
  • HIGHLIGHTS:Fat-free, sugar-free and free of preservatives.
  • FUNCTIONS:Nourishing, fortifying, thickening, elasticity, and improved hydration of hair, nails, joints and skin.
  • INTENDED USE:Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic: highly bioavailable source of soluble nutritional ilicium that is taken along with personalized treatments for skin, hair, nails and joint applications.
  • pH STABILITY: pH of a 5 % COLLASIL® OSA aqueous solution = 2.0 – 4.0.
  • HEAT SENSITIVITY:Avoid temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F).
  • RECOMMENDED DOSAGE:Approximately 600 mg of COLLASIL® OSA per day (recommended daily dose in silicium for a 60 Kg adult).


The subjects in the study in which I participated were monitored over eight months, during which we compared hair quality before and after using COLLASIL® OSA. On analyzing the outcome, we have noted improved elasticity, thickness and growth, which was evidenced from a clinical viewpoint as well as by means of the laboratory tests to which hair strands were submitted.

Dr. Letícia Sabo Müller, Dermatologist

* Revista Biotec, n.24, October 2016


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F 007 020 Biotin 2 mg, COLLASIL® OSA 150 mg Oral Capsules (Powder Blend, 60 x Size #1 Capsules)
F 007 021 Ascorbic Acid 120 mg, Coenzyme Q10 20 mg, COLLASIL® OSA 200 mg, Zinc Picolinate 47.3 mg Oral Capsules (Powder Blend, 60 x Size #0 Capsules)
F 007 022 COLLASIL® OSA 300 mg Oral Gummy Gels (Solid Suspension, 30 x 0.9 mL Gummy Gels)
F 007 023 COLLASIL® OSA 300 mg Oral Disintegrating Tablets (Solid Suspension, 60 x 0.375 mL [1.808 mL] Tablets)

1 - Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)
2 - COLLASIL® OSA Brochure, Iontec – Europe, accessed in 11/08/2016




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