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Medisca Granted Planetary Mixing Patent and Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Montreal, QC – MEDISCA, the industry leader in providing high quality compounding solutions and services to healthcare professionals worldwide, was granted US patent No. 10,231,903 for planetary mixers. As of March 19, 2019, MEDISCA has exclusivity around the use of melting in planetary mixing machines with additional patents pending. In addition, MEDISCA signed a global exclusivity supply agreement for planetary mixers, including the MAZ™ Mixer, with Japanese based Shashin Kagaku and Kurabo Industries Ltd. These recent developments dramatically impact the pharmaceutical mixing community while broadening MEDISCA’s intellectual property footprint.

“MEDISCA is the pioneer of planetary mixers in the pharmaceutical compounding industry. This journey began in 2012 and I’m very proud that over the last seven years our company has demonstrated that a single technology can mix, mill, deaerate and melt efficiently and consistently. The additions of Club MAZ™ and MAZ™ Wizard have enhanced day-to-day operations in facilities worldwide through the latest techniques and resources, while offering 24/7 online support to our customers. The MAZ™ Mixer is a testament to MEDISCA’s quest for innovation, and as a company, we will continue to play a leading role in this space.” said Panagiota Danopoulos, Senior Director, Global Strategy & Innovation at MEDISCA.

The MAZ™ Mixer is tested and proven to yield accurate results, increase profitability by reducing operational costs, improve safety, and deliver on the company’s promise of quality.

To learn more about MEDISCA’s recently issued patent and the revolutionary MAZ™ Mixer, contact the MAZ™ support team or visit www.themazmixer.com


MEDISCA is the leader in providing turnkey solutions to the pharmaceutical compounding industry and allied health care professionals worldwide. Through its global partners, LP3 Network and MEDISCA Network, MEDISCA supports prescribers, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians engaged in personalized medicine by offering quality products, educational trainings, and technical support services. In 2019, MEDISCA proudly celebrates 30 years of industry leading excellence. Our perennial pursuit to continuously address growing demands in this evolving field is fueled by our dedication to our customers and the compounding industry. MEDISCA is established in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Adam Pinsky 

Director of Communication



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