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Compounders Developing a solution to the global shortage of PPE

Three men in Billings, MT have put their heads together to solve one of the most perplexing and anxiety provoking issues we are facing during this global pandemic – the lack of personal protection equipment for medical providers.

Dentist Spencer Zaugg, DDS, and his son Colton Zaugg, have a knack for tinkering and often like to throw around ideas with Billings Clinic Neurosurgeon, Dusty Richardson, MD. This week, they developed a mask using a 3D printer that could serve as a reusable alternative to n95 disposable masks.

The mask is printed in plastic, with a special space to insert the n95 filtering material. By disinfecting the plastic mask between patients and replacing the filter when necessary, this mask could revolutionize the way PPE is manufactured and distributed in the future, and could be the answer to the industry’s desperation.

After creating a prototype and working to improve their initial designs, the team posted all their instructions and printing files online for free and urged everyone to use them by saying, “We are encouraging all hobbyist, dentists, schools, universities, and anyone with 3D printers to start making these masks and delivering them to your local hospitals!”

From there, people all over the country are starting to take this idea and run. A group called "Make the Masks", is complied of stay-at-home moms, engineers, coders, doctors, dentist, manufacturers, all which began networking to pool resources, improve the design, get it tested, and start making the masks. They created makethemasks.com, and are working with the inventors to develop an infrastructure that can turn this idea into a reality. 

The Zauggs and MaketheMasks represent a growing number of people that are mixing brilliance and altruism to solve global problems. Groups like this support the idea that the people of this country aren’t sitting back while things fall apart – they are ready and willing to go to work to improve our collective situation without thinking of themselves.

Medisca became connected with these groups and hopes to continue this type of innovative discussion in the compounding industry through the #HeretoHelp campaign. 

Join us for a call on Friday, 3/27 at 1pm to hear our discussion with Dr. Zaugg and MaketheMasks group leader DeEtte Jones to learn more about these incredible developments to our industry. We will have a panel of pharmaceutical experts to discuss how inventions like these can harness the power of innovation that fuels the compounding industry and help improve the health of our nation. 

The call is open to anyone, and we are anxious to hear any ideas on how to improve on these designs or other ways for compounders to make a difference. No contribution to this effort is too small. We want to take on the issues that matter most – and we want to hear your ideas. 

Join the team! 


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Adam Pinsky 

Director of Communication



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