Medisca opens

new facility in

Plattsburgh, NY

Designed with precision, our new facility provides future-state solutions to serve the increasing demands in custom-tailored pharmaceutical solutions as personalized medicine continues to accelerate.

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Doubling our repackaging

and global distribution capabilities

Consolidating our existing space into one single site equipped with innovated machinery and workflows, our new facility maximizes efficiency and output, while ensuring employee wellness and adherence to the most rigorous global standards in quality.

Our commitment to

operational excellence


Leveraging innovation to scale

Introducing automation throughout our facility and workflows was a top priority. Our custom-tailored isolator for the repackaging of hazardous and cytotoxic drugs, electronic weighing systems, state-of-the-art broadcasted room monitors, advanced intercom system for effective communication, and custom warehouse management system for serialized traceability - are just some examples of how our new facility is leveraging innovation to drive efficiency, quality, and scalability.


Reinforcing our established

quality system

Intimately connected with automation - our future-state technologies reinforce our already robust quality system and processes. Our innovative isolators reduce product cross-contamination. Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems allow for immediate response to deviations. Our warehouse management system ensure a-to-z traceability, among much more.

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Prioritizing health, safety, and personnel well-being

The health, safety, and wellness of Medisca personnel was at the forefront of every decision made in the design and building of our new facility. Establishing logical layouts, leveraging machinery and automation, implementing ergonomic repackaging and packing stations, developing advanced cross-functional trainings - were all important decisions made for the people the new facility.


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