Delivery, Claims and Returns Policy International

Last modified on Feb 4, 2024

Delivery, Claims and Returns Policy

All purchases from Medisca are subject to this Delivery, Claims and Returns Policy (the “Returns Policy”) in addition to the Terms & Conditions of Purchase, the Terms of Use  as well as the Privacy Policy  (collectively, the “Terms”). All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms & Conditions of Purchase.

  1. Delivery
    1. All Products purchased from Medisca by Customer are subject to Ex Works or DAP (IncoTerms 2020) shipment or as otherwise specified by Medisca. For more information regarding shipment and delivery, Customer must contact a Medisca sales representative.
    2. All orders ship Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, depending on destination of order.

    3. No insurance is made on shipments by Medisca unless arranged by Customer prior to shipping. Medisca assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage by reason of delay or inability to ship for any reason whatsoever.
    4. Customer agrees and acknowledges that Medisca is not responsible for shipment delays or failures to ship due to a Force Majeure Event, seasonal supply disruptions or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Medisca and Medisca shall not be held liable for any loss resulting therefrom.

2. Shipping

    1. Unless otherwise agreed by Medisca, Customer shall be responsible for, and shall pay when due, all shipping, handling, taxes and governmental-related charges of any kind, including, without limitation, duties, custom fees, tariffs, and any other fees imposed by any government or government agency on the Products sold

3. Returns and Claims

    1. Customer understands and acknowledges that no Products shall be returnable to Medisca, at no exceptions whatsoever. Customer must inspect its order thoroughly upon receipt. In the event of damage or shortage that is not due to the fault or negligence of customer, Customer must report such damage or shortage within two (2) business days to a Medisca representative and provide documentation by the carrier prior to Customer accepting the package/shipment. If damaged in-transit, the carrier must perform an inspection. Customer shall not accept any shipment until carrier makes a damage notation on the delivery slip/way bill.
    2. All returns under this provision shall be treated by Medisca on a case-by-case basis. In the event of damage or shortage, Medisca shall, at Medisca’s sole discretion, either credit the invoiced price of the Products to Customer’s Medisca account or refund the invoice price paid by Customer. The above is the sole remedy available to Customer for damage or shortage. Customer shall be solely responsible for destruction costs of such damaged or non-conforming Products.

4. Recall

    1. In the unlikely event of a recall, Medisca will advise all customers subject to the recall with instructions in order to comply with such recall.
    2. In the event of a recall, for any reason, Medisca shall only be liable to Customer for the price paid by Customer of the recalled Products destroyed and reported to Medisca. Medisca shall not be liable for any other loss or costs incurred by Customer for any recall for any reason.