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Hormone compounding with the MAZ® mixer


While compounding hormones is a familiar practice, traditional methods come with challenges that can compromise efficiency, quality, and compliance. The introduction of the MAZ® mixer marks a monumental shift in this ever-evolving field.

This revolutionary device not only streamlines procedures but also introduces a host of innovative features and benefits that notably enhance productivity. The MAZ mixer isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer, transforming the landscape of hormone compounding and setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness.

The challenges of traditional hormone compounding

Creating hormone creams such as bi-estrogen or progesterone using a cream base through traditional compounding methods presents significant challenges, such as gritty textures and clumpy bases. This necessitates the use of extensive equipment like mortars and pestles, unguators, and ointment mills.

Additionally, high-shear mixers can lead to inconsistent dosing due to air incorporation. These methods are time-consuming and increase the risk of product loss and exposure to hazardous materials, thereby complicating USP 800 compliance.

Advancements in compounding: The MAZ mixer impact
The MAZ mixer provides a streamlined, efficient process that overcomes the challenges of traditional compounding methods. It ensures a smooth and uniform blend, reducing the need for an ointment mill and significantly lowering compounding time and product loss. The built-in ability of the MAZ mixer to deaerate while mixing removes suspended air bubbles within preparations, ensuring a consistently uniform appearance and administration while mitigating the risk of inconsistent dosing.

The MAZ mixer homogenizes active ingredients into topical bases and solutions by enabling mixing, melting, milling, and deaerating in dispensing containers using adapters for the MD Pump and the UnoDose dispensers. This unique feature saves time, reduces cross-contamination and airborne hazards, and minimizes product loss, resulting in a homogenized product in seconds.

Driving efficiency and quality with the MAZ mixer
As one of the leaders in advanced mixing technologies, the MAZ mixer helps to create a more streamlined and lean compounding process, driving efficiencies and reducing the cost of quality.

MAZ technology offers the additional advantage of allowing you to set it and forget it during the mixing process, freeing you to multitask and save precious time, unlike an ointment mill, which demands continuous monitoring.

The MAZ mixer: The ultimate solution for encapsulation

The conventional method of capsule compounding, especially with static-prone substances such as progesterone, presents numerous challenges, including the risk of inconsistent dosing and considerable time investment.

The MAZ mixer speeds up the production of progesterone capsules, particularly micronized progesterone, cutting the encapsulation time in half by significantly reducing static issues. Using the CapsuBlend filler, powders are blended for encapsulation within minutes, ensuring homogeneous and clump-free capsules.

Tailored dosage forms with the MAZ mixer

The MAZ mixer also offers providers a wide range of dosage forms for their patients’ hormone treatments, custom-tailored to their specific needs or preferences. There are various options to consider, such as capsules, creams, gels, ointments, drops, Medisca Oral Transmucosal Films, gummies, injections, lozenges, nasal sprays, suppositories, tablets, RDTs, and troches. The wide variety of dosage forms supported by MAZ technology saves time, improves patient compliance, and leads to better health outcomes.

Sure, you can use conventional methods to create hormone compounds, but why do that when the MAZ mixer can:

  • Melt gelatin-based dosage forms without the need for beakers or a hot plate in three minutes
  • Reduce coarse granular powders to ultra-fine particles in just 60 seconds using zirconia milling beads
  • Create homogenized creams, gels, powders, liquids, and ointments in a matter of seconds
  • Minimize exposure to hazardous materials, supporting USP 800 compliance and reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduce product loss
  • Minimize the need for single-use mixing jars and additional consumables

Discover the MAZ mixer ecosystem of products, a growing library of formulas specifically targeted for the MAZ, adapters, and a dedicated support team. Book your free demo today.

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