Short Expiry (SE) Special

During the month of January only, MEDISCA is offering incredible savings on a vast selection of Short Expiry (SE) compounding products when you order online or by phone. Take advantage of this limited-time special offer now, while supplies last!

0015-01CH BACITRACIN, USP (MICRONIZED) 10 g$32.9904/30/2017
0015-04CH BACITRACIN, USP (MICRONIZED) 25 g$59.9904/30/2017
0015-05CH BACITRACIN, USP (MICRONIZED) 100 g$149.9904/30/2017
0173-01CH ACYCLOVIR, USP 10 g$8.9904/30/2017
0173-04CH ACYCLOVIR, USP 25 g$17.9904/30/2017
0173-05CH ACYCLOVIR, USP 100 g$44.9904/30/2017
0173-08CH ACYCLOVIR, USP 500 g$149.9904/30/2017
0195-00CH BETAMETHASONE SODIUM PHOSPHATE, USP 500 mg$4.9902/28/2017
0224-01NU FOLIC ACID, USP 10 g$6.9902/28/2017
0224-04NU FOLIC ACID, USP 25 g$12.9902/28/2017
0224-08NU FOLIC ACID, USP 500 g$59.9902/28/2017
0274-08CH VANCOMYCIN HYDROCHLORIDE, USP 500 g$899.9905/31/2017
0319-01CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 10 g$47.9905/31/2017
0319-03CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 5 g$26.9905/31/2017
0319-04CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 25 g$97.9905/31/2017
0319-05CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 100 g$274.9905/31/2017
0319-06CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 1 g$9.9905/31/2017
0319-08CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 500 g$749.9905/31/2017
0319-09CH TOBRAMYCIN SULFATE, USP 1 Kg$999.9905/31/2017
0325-03CH CIMETIDINE, USP 5 Kg$199.9903/31/2017
0325-04CH CIMETIDINE, USP 25 g$4.9903/31/2017
0325-05CH CIMETIDINE, USP 100 g$13.9903/31/2017
0325-08CH CIMETIDINE, USP 500 g$43.9903/31/2017
0574-04CH MINOXIDIL, USP 25 g$12.9904/30/2017
0574-05CH MINOXIDIL, USP 100 g$38.9904/30/2017
0574-07CH MINOXIDIL, USP 25 Kg$999.9904/30/2017
0574-08CH MINOXIDIL, USP 500 g$114.9904/30/2017
0613-05CH GLYCERIN, USP 100 mL$2.9904/30/2017
0616-01CH ETHANOL (DENATURED) (ETHYL ALCOHOL) 4 L$13.9902/28/2017
0616-08CH ETHANOL (DENATURED) (ETHYL ALCOHOL) 500 mL$2.9902/28/2017
0616-09CH ETHANOL (DENATURED) (ETHYL ALCOHOL) 1 L$4.9902/28/2017
0883-04NU TYROSINE (L), USP 25 g$3.9901/31/2017
0883-05NU TYROSINE (L), USP 100 g$5.9901/31/2017
0883-08NU TYROSINE (L), USP 500 g$9.9901/31/2017
0883-09NU TYROSINE (L), USP 1 Kg$14.9901/31/2017
1556-03NU PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE (MONOHYDRATE) 5 g$7.9901/31/2017
1556-04NU PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE (MONOHYDRATE) 25 g$16.9901/31/2017
1556-05NU PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE (MONOHYDRATE) 100 g$44.9901/31/2017
1556-06NU PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE (MONOHYDRATE) 1 g$2.9901/31/2017
1556-08NU PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE (MONOHYDRATE) 500 g$94.9901/31/2017
1903-05CH ETHOXY DIGLYCOL 100 ml$3.9904/30/2017
1903-07CH ETHOXY DIGLYCOL 20 L$84.9904/30/2017
1903-08CH ETHOXY DIGLYCOL 500 mL$7.9904/30/2017
2233-04CH PREGNENOLONE (MICRONIZED) 25 g$24.9904/30/2017
2233-05CH PREGNENOLONE (MICRONIZED) 100 g$59.9904/30/2017
2233-08CH PREGNENOLONE (MICRONIZED) 500 g$229.9904/30/2017
2233-09CH PREGNENOLONE (MICRONIZED) 1 Kg$359.9904/30/2017
2529-05B VERSAPRO™ CREAM BASE 100 g$3.9904/30/2017
2545-03CH MUPIROCIN, USP 5 g$12.9904/30/2017
2545-04CH MUPIROCIN, USP 25 g$38.9904/30/2017
2545-05CH MUPIROCIN, USP 100 g$99.9904/30/2017
2545-06CH MUPIROCIN, USP 1 g$4.9904/30/2017
2545-08CH MUPIROCIN, USP 500 g$349.9904/30/2017
2578-01NU CHOLINE CHLORIDE, USP 2.5 Kg$29.9902/28/2017
2578-05NU CHOLINE CHLORIDE, USP 100 g$3.9901/31/2017
2578-08NU CHOLINE CHLORIDE, USP 500 g$9.9901/31/2017
2578-09NU CHOLINE CHLORIDE, USP 1 Kg$14.9901/31/2017
2752-08CH PENTYLENE GLYCOL 500 mL$29.9904/30/2017
2863-03NU RESVERATROL (98%) 5 g$8.9903/31/2017
2863-04NU RESVERATROL (98%) 25 g$24.9903/31/2017
2863-05NU RESVERATROL (98%) 100 g$74.9903/31/2017
2863-09NU RESVERATROL (98%) 1 Kg$449.9903/31/2017
2922-03NU ACETYL-D-GLUCOSAMINE, USP 5 g$6.9903/31/2017
2922-04NU ACETYL-D-GLUCOSAMINE, USP 25 g$13.9903/31/2017
2922-05NU ACETYL-D-GLUCOSAMINE, USP 100 g$29.9903/31/2017
2922-08NU ACETYL-D-GLUCOSAMINE, USP 500 g$49.9903/31/2017
2922-09NU ACETYL-D-GLUCOSAMINE, USP 1 Kg$64.9903/31/2017


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