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What is USP <800>? Who needs to comply with USP <800>? Does your pharmacy need specific equipment? Find the answers to these questions and learn about hazardous compounding chemicals. Find out how to be compliant with USP <800> and how it will impact your compounding pharmacy practice. Let us help you implement the practical changes required to maintain compliance with USP <800>.

+What is the Purpose of USP <800>?

+Does USP <800> Apply to Non-sterile Compounding Practices?

+Who Needs to Comply With USP <800>?

+How Does USP <800> Define a Hazardous Drug?

+When Does USP <800> Come Into Effect?

+Do I Need Separate Equipment to Compound Hazardous Drugs?

+What are the Venting Requirements for Containment Primary Engineering Controls (C-PEC)?

+Which Type of Room do I Need to Compound Hazardous Drug Preparations?

+What Health Effects Have Been Associated With Workplace Exposure?

+Do I Still Need to Use a Containment Primary Engineering Control If I Use a Closed-system Transfer Device (CSTD) to Compound All Hazardous Drug Preparations?

+Do I Need a Special Kind of Glove to Handle Hazardous Drugs?

+What Additional Training Does my Staff Require for USP <800> Compliance?

+Do I need to comply with USP <800> if I only compound with hazardous drugs that come in a cream, liquid, or low-aerosol formulation?



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