AlpaWash and CopaSil - Compounding Solutions for Wound Care and Scar Treatment Medications

Advanced Compounding Solutions for Wound & Scar Medications

Wound healing should come naturally, but sometimes due to complications, poor circulation or infection, the healing process can be slow or difficult which can result in wounds that are hard to heal. Various active pharmaceutical ingredients are prescribed by physicians for the treatment of wounds in compounded medications. For such medications to work at their best, the right bases and vehicles are important so that the medication can be delivered to the site in the optimal manner to facilitate the healing process.

MEDISCA’s new wound & scar product line has been designed to help optimize the bases and medication vehicles used in compounded medications prescribed by the physician for treatment in all stages of the repair process: the inflammatory stage, the re-epithelialization stage, and the remodeling stage.

AlpaWash® and CopaSil®, MEDISCA’s unique formulations, contain scientifically supported ingredients. Carefully selected, each key ingredient provides a distinct role within each stage of wound healing.

AlpaWash<sup>®</sup> and CopaSil<sup>®</sup> - Compounding Solutions for Wound and Scar Medications

AlpaWash® for Compounding Wound Care Products


AlpaWash® base is a unique PEG base that does not contain oleaginous components. It is completely water-washable and greaseless. AlpaWash® contains natural extracts that have been thoroughly studied and can be beneficial in compounded medications prescribed for wound care.

Selection of the base to use in compounding for wound care depends on a careful assessment of a number of factors, including the following:

  • Desire for a base that is easily removed by washing with water, since the wounds need to be cleaned very often;
  • Desirability of occlusion of moisture from the skin (adherent base), maintaining a moist environment;
  • Stability of the active pharmaceutical ingredients prescribed by the physician for inclusion in the base.

AlpaWash® provides the best combination of the most desired attributes and brings a solution to healthcare providers for compounded products prescribed for wounds, burns, cuts, sores and ulcers.

AlpaWash<sup>®</sup> for Compounding Wound Care Products. Free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Water, Petrolatum and Lanolin.

CopaSil® for Compounding Scar Care Products


CopaSil® is an anhydrous silicone base, primarily designed for use in scar care products. This unique formula was carefully developed to help sustain the moist environment around the skin required for wound healing, thus allowing the medication to improve the appearance of a scar.

This combination of these plant-derived ingredients creates a synergistic effect on the skin, imparting critical benefits in scar treatment:

  • It keeps the stratum corneum in optimal hydration. It results into a less pigmented and softer scar;
  • It provides the optimum conditions for allowing the active ingredient to reduce the inflammation process and help in the remodelling of a scar;
  • It helps protect the skin from bacterial invasion;
  • It helps soothe the itching and discomfort associated with scars.

CopaSil® is a functional base that can be used alone or in combination with several active ingredients (e.g.: Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.) Its intrinsic and biomechanical properties render it ideal for compounding various dermatological products often prescribed for: scars in general, keloids, psoriasis, rosacea, stretch marks and wound healing.

CopaSil for Compounding Scar Treatment Products. Free of Mineral Oil, Parabens, Dyes, Propylene Glycol and Water.