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September 21, 2018

Plattsburgh, NY, September 21, 2018 - MEDISCA, a global leader in the pharmaceutical compounding industry, strives to proactively strengthen their quality systems and adhering to regulatory requirements and enforcement.  

MEDISCA is a company with a global presence and operates facilities in several countries while complying with the different regulations. Our internal policies and procedures are created and implemented throughout our organization as a global standard encompassing the industry’s regulatory requirements.

In the United States, MEDISCA’s facilities are regularly inspected by the FDA, State Boards of Pharmacy, VAWD, ISO, and the DEA. Our most recent one-week long successful inspections by the FDA in Plattsburgh, NY and Las Vegas, NV demonstrate the company’s excellence towards our robust quality management system.

“We want our customers to know that MEDISCA supplies active pharmaceutical ingredients of the highest quality available in the personalized patient care industry,” said Antonio Dos Santos, President and CEO. “Our multi-national presence means that we implement and adhere to best practices and standards that satisfy the regulations of some of the most advanced health care systems globally. We know that our customers ultimately rely on us to meet patients’ needs, which is why we have implemented numerous systems and standards to guarantee that we continuously meet these expectations.”  

In light of recent regulatory inspections, MEDISCA wants to reaffirm its commitment to quality. To ensure that MEDISCA’s products adhere to the highest standards, the company utilizes a robust quality management system called MasterControl, which is highly recognized by regulatory agencies and has been used over several years to ensure effective management of quality systems. MEDISCA applies both validated electronic systems as well as physical segregation of material within our facilities to ensure quarantined, rejected, returned, or recalled material is held in quarantine status allowing only authorized quality personnel to determine final material disposition and ensuring the public is protected from unauthorized use of products.

Additionally, MEDISCA continues to apply a strong vendor qualification program and continues to invest heavily in our testing requirements, as quality is of utmost value to the industry. All chemicals undergo full compendial testing based on the latest compendiums to ensure manufacturers continue to supply MEDISCA with the highest standards of quality products. MEDISCA’s certificates of analysis allow for transparency of information to customers and reflect the testing requirements performed by MEDISCA along with relevant manufacturer information.


MEDISCA is the leader in providing turnkey solutions to the pharmaceutical compounding industry and allied health care professionals worldwide. Through its global partners, LP3 Network and MEDISCA Network, MEDISCA is committed to being a complete resource for prescribers, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians engaged in personalized medicine by offering educational trainings, products, and support. Founded in 1989, the company has locations in Canada, the United States and Australia, optimizing its service to the international market. For more information about MEDISCA, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @medisca.

Antonio Dos Santos

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