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MD Droppers
MD Droppers

Built on Elegance, Accuracy and Versatility

Catering to the needs for elegant and precise dispensing of pharmaceutical compounding preparations, the Medisca MD dispenser product line is the first of its kind – featuring pumps with actuators of various size and volume, jars, syringes, pens, foamers, minis, and the newly introduced MD Ophthalmic Dropper Bottles and MD Capsules. Used by over 50,000 users worldwide, this product line is distinguished by its design differentiation and functional properties that ultimately enhance the user’s experience.

MD® Actuators

MD Actuators' exterior design features various colors to facilitate product identification. The Actuators fit all MD Pump bottles for added flexibility of metered dosing options. Available in green, blue, pink and white and 4 dosage options: 0.25 mL, 0.5 mL, 1 mL and 1.5 mL.

Minimal priming

Excellent evacuation

Airless dispensing

Great for travelling, can withstand cabin pressure on a plane

Colored bands allow for easy product identification

MD® Pumps

MD Pumps are engineered keeping accuracy and precision at the forefront without compromising pharmaceutical elegance. Featuring a UV-resistant view window, this dispenser ensures that users can easily and accurately dose preparations. Available in a range of sizes: 15 mL to 240 mL.

Protection from Oxidization

See-through UV-resistant view window


NOTE: MD Actuators are sold seperately from MD Pumps

Voice of Customer

"MD Dispensers provide an ease-of-use solution for applications. A see-through indicator helps customers know when their preparation is low so it can be ordered without a break in treatment. MD Dispensers are the only device that topical preparations should be dispensed in."
-Ron Yachim, Compounding Pharmacy Manager Cook's Pharmacy, Canada

MD® Jars

MD Jars feature a refined design and cosmetic appeal. With convenient "press to use" mechanism, MD Jars allow for hygienic use and protection from oxidization without sacrificing accurate measuring of the dose. Available in 50 mL size with 0.6 mL actuation.

Airless dispensing press to use


See-through UV-resistant view window

High-end dual wall structure

MD® Pens

The MD Pen features a slim pen-type look that facilitates the application of the preparation. Unlike a felt tip, a silicone tip allows for smooth application eliminating the risk of bacterial build up or contamination. Available in 6.5 mL size with 0.10 mL or 0.15 mL actuation.

Silicone tip for smooth application

Protection from oxidization

Slim, sleek, pent-type look

See-through UV-resistant view window

Minimal priming required

MD® Syringes

With a sleek professional look, a silicone tip for smooth application and excellent evacuation, the MD Syringes are elegantly designed and easy to operate. They provide a repeatable and dispensed volume each time for optimal efficiency and targeted dose delivery. Available in 5 mL and 10 mL size with 0.15 mL actuation.

Silicone tip for smooth application

Professional look

See-through UV-resistant view window

Close/lock feature allows for easy travel

MD® Minis

MD Minis are compact, practical and are specifically developed for people with on-the-go busy lifestyles, allowing them to discreetly apply their products. Available in 5 mL and 10 mL sizes with 0.15 mL actuation.

Metered dosing

Airless dispensing

Colored bands allow for easy product identification

See-through UV-resistant view window

MD® Foamers

Did you know that the properties of the foam produced are dependent on both the quality of the foam base and the dispenser used? The MD Foamer is essential to creating a dense and creamy foam. Available in 50 mL size with 0.5 mL actuation or 110 mL with 0.7 mL actuation.

Pump actuator allows for a silky foam

Excellent evacuation

No priming required

Screw-on actuator

Metered dosing

See-through UV-resistant view window

Voice of Customer

"We recently launched a compounding business at our pharmacy and Medisca has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today! We especially love the Medisca Foamil Base. It is easy to work with and the MD foamers dispense a silky foam that our customers love."
-Sam Kemp, BS Pharm, RPh HealthConnect Pharmacy, Canada

MD® Ophthalmic Dropper Bottles

Introducing: New medical device to the MD product line

Streamline your preparation time and reduce cross-contamination risk with the innovative and ergonomically designed packaging tray that uniquely defines the MD Ophthalmic Dropper Bottles. Bottles are packaged in fixed grooves on a tray to facilitate the filling process and reduce cross-contamination risk (patent pending). Available in four tray pack sizes: 2, 10, 20 and 50, as well as a variety of dropper bottle sizes, such as 5, 8, 10 and 15 mL.

Tamper evident

Suitable for various formulations and viscosities

Smooth & large surface that is suitable for easy placement of labels

Metered-dose drops: 50 μl with water

Automatic locking tip cap once cap is screwed on tight

Leak resistant screw cap for convenience for on-the-go lifestyles

Preinstalled inner plug to facilitate assembly process and reduce cross-contamination risk

MD® Capsules

We continue to expand our capsule portfolio. Introducing MD Capsules in various sizes and colors: MD Capsule #0 White/White, MD Capsule #00 Clear/Clear, MD Capsule #000 Clear/Clear, Capsule #1 White/White and Capsule #4 Clear/Clear.


GMO free

Smooth finish

Conform to BSE/TSE regulations


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