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Included in the Kit
  • Medi RDT Mold (7314-01): Teflon-free, durable mold for fast and even heating.
  • Medi-RDT Base (2772-05): Sucrose-free, finely granulated powder with significantly faster wetting times (5 sec. vs. 24 sec.) and disintegrating times (93 sec. vs. 287 sec.).
  • Medi-RDT Blister Pack (7219-01): UV-resistant, amber-colored sheets for optimal protection of light-sensitive drugs, with cold-seal tamper evident foil laser labels and sleeves.
  • Sieve (50 Mesh) (7310-01) & Receiver Pan (9652-01): 8” diameter, 300 μm, brass sieve that controls particle size distribution, flow property, and content uniformity of powder blends.
  • Hot Hand® Protector (7315-01): Silicone rubber, one-size fits all mitt with studded surface and suction cups for secure grasp. Protects at temperature ranging -70 to 5000 F (-57 to 2600C).
  • Mini Mallet (7106-01): Double-sided plastic head with two flat faces and a durable hardwood handle used to facilitate the release of RDTs from the mold.
  • Powder Scraper | 9675-01): Used to spread the powder to evenly fill the cavity molds.
  • 1 Customized Formula

Formula Number API & Dosage Base
F 005 468 Progesterone 100mg Oral Rapid-dissolve Tablets Medi-RDT Base
F 006 495 Biotin 5mg Oral Rapid-dissolve Tablets Medi-RDT Base


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