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Research & Development.

We thought a lot about what goes into our bases, so you wouldn't have to.

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Scientific Data - Increased permeation of Progesterone through the skin (DPSI, January 2010)
– Validated Beyond-Use-Dates (BUDs) Available
– Scientifically Classified as an All-Day Moisturizer
API Compatibility For lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs (hormones, analgesics, etc.)
Appearance White, smooth, versatile cream
Intended Use – Pharmaceutical : Highly penetrating transdermal delivery vehicle
– Cosmetic : Non-comedogenic moisturizer containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
pH Stability pH 2 to 12
Tolerance to API Base & Salt Forms Excellent
Application to Mucous Membranes Yes
Heat Sensitivity Stable at 40°C (104°F)
Preservatice Effectiveness Passes USP microbial challenge test <51>

Topical BUD Databank

BUD (Beyond-Use Date) studies provide important information on the stability of a compounded preparation. We've partnered with well-renowned, third-party institutions throughout Canada and the US to conduct our studies. Our new BUD databank is stability-indicating and bracketed to provide flexibility for pharmacists.

View Studies Performed
F 008 949 DHEA 0.2%-4%, Estradiol 0.01%-0.2%, Estriol 0.04%-0.8%, Progesterone 1%-20%, Testosterone 0.025%-0.5% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 945 Diclofenac Sodium 1%-15% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 342 Estradiol 0.01%-10% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 991 Estradiol 0.025%-0.25%, Estriol 0.025%-0.25%, Testosterone 1%-10% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 995 Estradiol 0.025%-0.5%, Estriol 0.025%-0.5%, Progesterone 1%-20% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 993 Estradiol 0.025%-0.5%, Estriol 0.1%-2% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 341 Estriol 0.01%-10% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 008 567 Progesterone 1%-40% (Bracketed) VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT
F 009 077 Testosterone 25% VERSAPRO CREAM BASE** 180 days at RT

Why the reformulation?

The Canadian Ingredient Hotlist and the European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety prohibit the use of MI/MCI in leave on products. MI/MCI may cause skin reactions, irritations or allergies in certain patients. In keeping with the regulations, VersaPro Cream Base is now free of MI/MCI so you can continue to use it for your topical preparations with peace of mind.

MEDISCA went the extra mile to ensure your patients safety all while providing you with the cream base you know and love! Our new formula maintains the same color, consistency and compounding capabilities as the old version. We’ve tested the formula extensively to provide a smooth transition!


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